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The Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI) is the multi-disciplinary global health research, education and valorization network of Erasmus University and Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam.

Minor in Global Health through Global Health Education Erasmus (GHEE)

In September 2017, GHEE will start the first ‘Minor in Global Health’ for students of medicine, clinical technology, health policy & management and EUC (Life Sciences). The minor gives students the unique opportunity to spend 6 weeks in one of 15 LMICs, working in both an urban / university medical center setting and a rural primary/public health setting. Students can still sign up until May 19th. Read more



  • RGHI really challenges and refreshes my views through thought-provoking and well organized events

    Stefan Swartling Peterson Professor of Global Health - Uppsala University, Karolinska Institute and Markerere University
  • Rapid changing health systems, globalisation, population growth and new public health challenges demand innovative and horizontal collaboration between donors, academia and civil society. More than ever, putting such alliances together is necessary and this is why I think the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative is on the right path.

    György Bèla Fritsche MD - Sr. Health Specialist World Bank
  • "The challenges which humanity will be facing in the coming decades are huge. The biggest may be to free ourselves from our lethargy, our fixed habits, our ways of living and theoretical models. To shake ourselves out of this immobility asks for a vivid imagination on how to gather and mobilise all vital forces: political, scientific, and intellectual. This -to me- seems to be the true engagement of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative."

    Bruno Meessen Health economist based at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp.
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