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See the movie “Disrupt in order to sustain” with the conclusions of the May 15, 2013 International conference on Towards Sustainable Global Health Architecture

“Disrupt in Order to Sustain”. This appeal best captures the general spirit of the international global health innovators event “Towards Sustainable Global Health Architecture, Facing the Challenges”, held in Rotterdam on May 15, 2013. Over 120 global health researchers, social entrepreneurs, implementers and policy-makers had accepted the invitation of the Netherlands Platform for Global Health Policy and Health Systems Research, and the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative to join in and discuss the future of global health efforts. They actively engaged with a series of provocative sustainability messages of eight international key-note speakers. Their morning presentations were followed by animated round-table conversations in the afternoon, and culminated in a final panel with prof. Suzanne Kiwanuka (Public Health, Makerere University, Uganda) and prof. Jan Rotmans (DRIFT, Erasmus University) who addressed the necessary battles that have to be fought to make the transitions into the new world.

Take a look at the program of the conference.

The Omar Ka Quarted put extra energy into the meeting, see video.

Quite spontaneously, the various speakers converged on a set of shared diagnoses and vital hints of roads to the future:

  • Go for a global health architecture which is able to disrupt unhealthy global trends to sustain global health: not just growth, but inclusive equitable growth; consumption balanced with ecological and social integrity
  • Move away from global paradigms of aid, emergency relief, risk management to fair trade and benefit sharing; we need to refocus on institutions, relations and capacities and control over resources for self-determined action, with collective and global solidarity for shared risks and shared responsibility and new roles for the state, civil society movements etc. Alignment is possible with a new generation of social entrepreneurs.
  • Reclaim public authority and accountability to ensure public health protection and benefit from private innovation and wealth
  • Reclaim public health and create a vital public health for 21st century challenges: don’t focus on treatment and sending people back to the conditions that make them ill, and address transnational determinants of health; health innovation at population scale;

Reclaim society in the global architecture: use information opportunities to embed bottom up, social knowledge, analysis, action and voice.

For the various presentations, see:

0. Intro: Godelieve van Heteren (Director Rotterdam Global Health Initiative and exec. secr. Netherlands Platform for Global Health Policy and Health Systems Research).

1. Irene Agyepong (University of Ghana School of Public Health/Ghana Health Service).

2. Stefan Peterson (Prof. of Global Health at Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet).

3. Joao Breda (Program Manager Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity program Division of Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Promotion, WHO Copenhagen).

4. Agnes Soucat (Director of Human Development for the African Development Bank).

5. Bruno Meessen (Prof. /Health Economist at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp).

6. Gyuri Fritsche (slides) (text) (Senior Health Specialist/ African Region/AFTHW World Bank, Washington DC).

7. Rene Loewenson (Director Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC) and Equity Watch Coordinator, EQUINET, Harare).

8. Kabir Sheikh (Public Health Foundation of India).

9. Joe Naimoli (Health Scientist, Global Health Bureau, USAID).

International event for global health innovators


Towards Sustainable Global Health Architecture
Facing the key challenges in global health practices, institutions and knowledge base.

May 15, 2013, 09.00-18.00h
Theater Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Always thought too many programs fade out or fail after external funding ceases? Always wished global health efforts could be made truly demand driven and people focused? Here is your chance.

The Netherlands Platform for Global Health Policy and Health Systems Research and the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI) are happy to invite you to a cutting-edge symposium on making global health efforts sustainable. Researchers, policymakers and social entrepreneurs from around the world will join forces to move beyond the comfort zone and actively engage with the vital question of how we can bring about the necessary transformations of the global health arena in order to make global health efforts stick.

Together, we will explore which innovative global health architecture – institutional set-ups, research methods and innovative practices – can really make a real difference, from the perspective of sustainability, the needs of people and social vigor.

The program will consist of 9 key note pitches in the morning and two rounds of international ‘innovation tables’  in the afternoon, and will be fully interactive.

With Joe Naimoli (USAID), Joao Breda (WHO), Kabir Sheikh (Public Health Foundation of India, Delhi), Stefan Peterson (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm), Gyuri Fritsche (World Bank), Agnes Soucat (AfDB), Irene Agyepong (School of Public Health, Ghana), Bruno Meessen (Institute Tropical Medicine, Antwerp), and Rene Loewenson (TARSC/Equinet, Zimbabwe/Southern Africa), and many others….

RGHI AdministratorSee the movie “Disrupt in order to sustain” with the conclusions of the May 15, 2013 International conference on Towards Sustainable Global Health Architecture
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