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Strategies towards Universal Health Coverage: African Experiences

International Symposium 11 June 2015
This symposium brought together the evidence from recent impact evaluations of African health financing reforms, which aim to bring about Universal Health Coverage (UHC). A full house of participants attended the presentations of selected cases varying from the evaluations of community-based health insurance to performance based financing schemes. A lively debate ensued on identifying more general policy lessons on how to move forward to UHC. The presentations addressed general socio-economic and health developments in Africa by Dr. Agnes Soucat (World Bank) 1434552886_document---pdf-2, ongoing impact evaluations community-based health insurance schemes in Ethiopia and their policy implications by Prof. Arjun Bedi (International Institute for Social Studies) 1434552886_document---pdf-2, the evaluation of the insurance program in Kwara state Nigeria by Prof. Jacques van der Gaag (Amsterdam Institute for International Development) 1434552886_document---pdf-2, an indepth assessment of the Ghana NHIS by Dr. Caroline Jehu-Appiah (African Development Bank) 1434552886_document---pdf-2 and presentations on PBF by Dr. Igna Bonfrer (iBMG) 1434552886_document---pdf-2 and Prof. Bruno Meessen (Institute of Tropical Medicine) 1434552886_document---pdf-2. The day was chaired by Prof. Eddy van Doorslaer (Erasmus University) and moderated by Dr. Ellen Van de Poel (Erasmus University) & Prof. Owen O’Donnell (Erasmus University). The conference culminated in the afternoon in the successful public defence of her PhD thesis by Igna Bonfrer on the very topic of the day’s meetings: the evaluation of health financing models.

For more details see the attached programme or visit and go to the programme page.

See a blog which Bruno Meessen posted on the CoP PBF


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Strategies towards Universal Health Coverage: African Experiences
Photo by Michelle Muus
Photo by Michelle Muus
Photo by Michelle Muus
RGHI AdministratorStrategies towards Universal Health Coverage: African Experiences
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