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Global Health Core Theme at 102nd Erasmus University Dies Natalis

Over three hundred people attended the special Erasmus Dies Natalis ceremony on November 9, at which two honorary doctorates were awarded to professors in global health.

Professor Paul J. Gertler (University of California) received the doctorate for his groundbreaking research on the economic evaluation of the impact of health care finance, and Professor John P.A. Ioannidis (Stanford School of Medicine at Stanford University) for his broad and critical views on global research methodology. Prof. Eddy van Doorslaer of the Institute for Health Policy and Management, prof. Arjun Bedi of the International Institute of Social Studies and prof. Myriam Hunink of Erasmus Medical Center acted as honorary promotors.
Global health’ is this year’s central theme at the Dies Natalis of Erasmus University Rotterdam with a full week of special lectures, master classes, and an international symposium on innovations in global health financing and impact evaluation.


RGHI AdministratorGlobal Health Core Theme at 102nd Erasmus University Dies Natalis
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