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November 12 International Conference Innovations in Global Health Financing: Measuring and Having Impact

Measuring Impact and Having Impact are not always the same thing. On the occasion of the honorary doctorate awarded this week to prof. Paul Gertler at Erasmus University, a core of topresearchers in the field of impact evaluations in health gathered in the Erasmus Pavillion for a special international conference devoted to innovations in global health financing.

Amidst an enthusiastic international audience, speakers shared their views on state-of-the-art questions and important global challenges in evaluating health financing strategies and health impact, in a variety of settings.

With the adoption of the new UN Global Goals for sustainable development, the debates on evaluating impact of numerous interventions are rapidly gaining momentum. A crucial ingredient to arriving at Universal Health Coverage, for instance, is rewarding health providers for delivering good quality care. The speakers engaged in lively discussion on the challenges in building experimental and non-experimental evidence on the various innovations currently proposed in the financing of health care and the remuneration of health care providers. While experiments provide the most convincing evidence on impact in a number of settings, they are seldom feasible to examine questions of health systems design, most relevant to policy makers. The pros, cons and practical issues surrounding various evaluation methodologies were held up for scrutiny.

Find here the various conference presentations:

Paul Gertler (University of California, Berkeley)
presentation will follow

Manoj Mohanan (Duke University)
Download presentation (.pptx)

Marcos Vera Hernandez (University College London)
Download presentation (.pdf)

Winny Yip (Oxford University)
Download presentation (.pdf)

Van de Poel  (Erasmus University/ iBMG)
Download presentation (.pdf)

Chris Elbers  (Free University/AIID)
Download presentation (.pdf)

Adam Wagstaff (World Bank)
Download presentation (.pdf)

All speakers were seasoned researchers in complex policy arenas. A final panel questioned the ways in which the gap, which often exists between research and policy, could be better bridged. – Download document (.pdf)

RGHI AdministratorNovember 12 International Conference Innovations in Global Health Financing: Measuring and Having Impact
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