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RGHI newsletter, May 2016


  • Ellen Van de Poel, Leander Buisman, Eddy Van Doorslaer and Owen O’Donnell started a UNICEF project on the Analysis of nationally representative surveys to examine the determinants of stunting in selected low- and middle-income countries (90.000 euro)
  • The Erasmus Center for Health Economics Research (ESCHER) – a collaboration between ESE, iBMG, EMC has been awarded with a Research Excellence Initiative Grant. Among many other activities to boost Health Economics Research in Rotterdam, Arjun Bedi and Eddy Van Doorslaer will co-supervise a PhD student in the field of Global Health.
  • ISS PhD researcher Runa Laila and Kristen Cheney are involved in a RGHI two-year 490.000-euro WOTRO grant within the Sexual and Reproductive Health Research programme. The project is called “Psychodrama as transformative intervention in the SRH of young men in urban slums in Dhaka; proof of a novel approach.”
  • iBMG-Health Economics submitted a proposal to the EU’s Horizon 2020 program (6 million euro) on the topic of Translating Evidence on Provider Incentives in Primary Care. Partners are EMC, Wageningen, LSHTM, Karolinska and research institutes in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

New Appointments

  • Robert Sparrow has joined ISS (0.2FTE) since January 1, 2016 and that he will work towards strengthening project acquisition activities.

PhD defenses

  • Wameq Raza, defended on April 28, 2016, Evaluations of social-safety nets in Bangladesh and India (supervisors Arjun Bedi, Ellen Van de Poel)
  • Ivan Arroyave, defended on January 7, 2016, Socioeconomic Inequalities in Mortality in Colombia (supervisors A. Burdorf and M. Avendano Pabon).
  • Angelica Sousa, defended January 7, 2016, The relation between the health workforce distribution and maternal and child health inequalities in Brazil and Mexico (supervisors E. Van Doorslaer and E. Van de Poel)



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  • Workshop on Health and Economic Development, December 2016, ISS.


Selected publications

  • Kristen Cheney (ISS), Crying for Our Elders: African Orphanhood in the Age of HIV and AIDS , forthcoming, The University of Chicago Press.



Next GH seminar on June 16th by Damien De Walque (World Bank) on the topic: “Measuring and incentivizing effort, quality of care and willingness to serve the poor: lab-in-the-field experiments and video-vignettes with health professionals in Burkina Faso”. Woudestein, Tinbergen building, room H10-31, 12-1pm.


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RGHI AdministratorRGHI newsletter, May 2016
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