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RGHI newsletter, May 2016

Acquisition Ellen Van de Poel, Leander Buisman, Eddy Van Doorslaer and Owen O’Donnell started a UNICEF project on the Analysis of nationally representative surveys to examine the determinants of stunting in selected low- and middle-income countries (90.000 euro) The Erasmus Center for Health Economics Research (ESCHER) – a collaboration between ESE, iBMG, EMC has been

RGHI newsletter, December 2015

Upcoming calls Horizon2020: Implementation research (available from: https://goo.gl/vrcD2N) Incentive Fund Open Access – publications by NWO (available from: http://goo.gl/WFpiJE) Intermediate Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine (available from: http://goo.gl/7qKtW) VINNMER Marie Curie (available from: http://goo.gl/1YjmYM) NWO-Aspasia (available from: http://goo.gl/shBfYG) Innovational Research Incentives Scheme Veni (available from: http://goo.gl/DUCsC) European Research Commission grants (available from: https://goo.gl/47oSGX)

Paris COP21 – Climate Change and Health

This week, in Paris the international climate conference COP21 takes place. In June, the Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change launched a seminal research report, which underscores that “responding to climate change could be the biggest global health opportunity of the 21st century.” The report provides key policy recommendations for governments to take action

Financial incentives the magic bullet?

A blog by Adam Wagstaff, the World Bank’s Research Manager of the Human Development and Public Services, Development Research Group features two recent studies by RGHI partner iBMG (Van de Poel, Bonfrer a.o.). Wagstaff reviews the ongoing quest of what works in trying to incentivize quality care.

Strategies towards Universal Health Coverage: African Experiences

International Symposium 11 June 2015 This symposium brought together the evidence from recent impact evaluations of African health financing reforms, which aim to bring about Universal Health Coverage (UHC). A full house of participants attended the presentations of selected cases varying from the evaluations of community-based health insurance to performance based financing schemes. A lively

Ebola still asks for our urgent attention

Today, the short film we made during the October 20 Dutch national ebola debate at Erasmus MC has come on- line. A month after this debate the situation is West Africa with over 15000 cases and over 5000 people dead still requires our urgent attention. RGHI is actively involved in the discussions on the structural

Ebola: een harde wake-up call

Nationaal ebola actualiteitencafé op 20 oktober in Rotterdam On October 20, RGHI and Erasmus MC will host the national ebola urgency debate. Time: 12-14h, Location: Erasmus MC, main lecture hall 2 (new education building). Event is organised together with RIVM/VWS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cordaid, MSF, and Netherlands Platform for Global Health Policy and Health

Next RGHI call for seedmoney grant proposals is open

The autumn call for RGHI seed money proposals has been opened. Note the slightly adapted terms of reference. Deadline November 3, 2014, 12h GMT. For further details read the following documents. RGHI seedmoney round November 2014 RGHI appendix with second 2014 call for proposals seed money

RGHI pushes innovations debate during Capetown Health Systems Global Conference on “People-centered health systems”

On September 30, 15-17h, RGHi will co-host the special session ‘Disrupt in Order to Sustain’ during the global health systems research conference in Capetown, South Africa. Together with the Netherlands Platform for Global Health Policy and Health Systems Research we will address the key innovations which are urgently needed to advance global health much more

“UHC Everybody’s rhetoric but whose responsibility?”

On Sept 3, 2014, WHO lead expert on Universal Health Coverage, Joe Kutzin, engaged in a lively debate organised by the Netherlands Platform and RGHI in Rotterdam. In the presence of health systems researchers, postdocs and health systems reform implementers, Kutzin discussed the progress made in the UHC policy agenda but also tackled a number

See the movie “Disrupt in order to sustain” with the conclusions of the May 15, 2013 International conference on Towards Sustainable Global Health Architecture

“Disrupt in Order to Sustain”. This appeal best captures the general spirit of the international global health innovators event “Towards Sustainable Global Health Architecture, Facing the Challenges”, held in Rotterdam on May 15, 2013. Over 120 global health researchers, social entrepreneurs, implementers and policy-makers had accepted the invitation of the Netherlands Platform for Global Health

Terug naar de voorhoede van gezondheidsinnovatie. Kies voor een Global Health orientatie op gezondheid

Een echte innovatie agenda begint ermee de debatten rond een aantal grote thema’s zoals gezondheidszorg echt anders in te richten. Hiertoe doet een grote coalitie van gezondheidszorginstellingen en kenniscentra een oproep aan de informateurs. De coalitie pleit voor een omslag van gezondheidskosten naar een batenagenda en een nieuwe global health oriëntatie op gezondheid en zorg.

Second round RGHI seed money grants to projects on health insurance, logistics, modeling and knowledge transfer

The steering committee of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative has agreed five new project proposals for seed funding. The winning proposals pertain to the RGHI research areas of health insurance, health logistics, global health knowledge transfer and modeling of some neglected disease control. The proposals each involve promising coalitions of RGHI partners, with strong external

Prince Claus Chair: Access to Health Insurance congress 2012 at Erasmus University Rotterdam

On June 5th, 2012 Princess Máxima of The Netherlands attended the international Access to Health Insurance congress 2012. This gathering, organized by the Prince Claus Curatorium, ISS, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNSGSA, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative and the PharmAccess Foundation, attracted health practitioners, policy makers, financial experts, academics and

First round of RGHI seed money grants at 110.000 euros

Today, the steering committee of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative has agreed four project proposals for seed funding. From among 10 proposals submitted, 7 were considered eligible and 4 were finally awarded. The winning proposals cover the key research areas of RGHI and pertain to access to health and health financing; improving performance based financing

Launch Rotterdam Global Health Initiative

Many health experts gathered Friday in Theater LantarenVenster in Rotterdam for the international launch of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI). The dynamic network character of the RGHi was nicely displayed by the presence of a large number of health researchers from the Netherlands and abroad: representatives of  the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs,