Godelieve van Heteren Dr., MD (ESHPM)

I am director of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative. I was trained as a physician, historian and professional health systems researcher at Leyden University (MD) and the Wellcome Institute/UCL, London, England (postgraduate). Prior to my current position, I was director of international development NGO Cordaid (2008 and 2009) en Member of the Dutch Parliament (2002 to 2006), a.o as chair of the Standing Committee on European Affairs, and full time university lecturer at the Medical School of Nijmegen (1988-2002). I have an extensive international public policy background and have been involved in a large number of health and social development reforms, first as researcher and later as policy advisor and trainer with specific expertise in results- and performance based financing and management strategies. Thus, I have been engaged in systemic reform projects and health systems reform evaluations in 12 countries in Africa and have worked on social systems and policy innovations with colleagues in several countries in Asia.

My passion for new global institutions, forms and formats has only grown with the years, since innovative solutions are highly needed for the more persistent problems around the world. I therefore focus most of my efforts now on institutional innovation, the development of new international social and health policies, the management of complex transition and change processes, which require new forms of conflict resolution, and the promotion of social entrepreneurship. I believe that multistakeholder networks such as RGHI are one way forward and can contribute to meet the tough challenges of the 21st century with regard to equity, access and inclusion.

+31 (0) 655 197 342

PO BOX 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands