Jan Hendrik Richardus Prof., PhD (Public Health)

I am Professor of Infectious Disease Control at the Department of Public Health at Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, and at the Municipal Health Service of Rotterdam. Infectious diseases are an increasing health problem worldwide that need systematic preventive control interventions. We study the public health consequences of infectious diseases and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of their control. Our core activity is the development and application of simulation models describing the transmission and natural history of disease in human populations, including the impact of control measures. For many years we have been involved in research in the areas of helminth infections, tuberculosis, leprosy, viral hepatitis, malaria and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

We work together with international organisations such as the WHO and have contributed extensively to the evaluation of existing, and the development of new control programs for these diseases in developing countries. Nationally, we collaborate within the Huisman Research Centre for Infectious Diseases and Public Health, in which Erasmus MC and the Municipal Public Health Service of Rotterdam work together in the area of infectious disease surveillance and control in the Rotterdam region. Emphasis is on diseases that are closely related to the immigrant population of the city, such as viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, STDs, and HIV/Aids. With a 1.8 million grant of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation we are engaged in research on the impact of neglected tropical diseases and the potential impact of interventions targeting such diseases.