Jane Murray Cramm Dr., PhD (ESHPM)

I carry out research on social environments, health behaviours and health outcomes among vulnerable groups as my core activity. Over several years, I have built an (inter)national network with leaders in the field of global ageing research. My work focuses on socioeconomic conditions, resources, self-management abilities, health behaviours and well-being among community-dwelling (frail) older people, people with disabilities, people with tuberculosis and/or HIV/AIDS, young adults with disabilities and/or chronic diseases and adults with chronic diseases. These studies took place in the Netherlands, as well as Uganda, South Africa, India and the Russian federation. I have been senior researcher for the evaluation of a number of large-scale complex intervention programs such as the ZonMW Disease Management program for chronic patients, ‘An Integrated neighbourhood approach to improve well-being of frail elderly’ (funded by ZonMW), and community studies among people with disabilities and tuberculosis in South Africa (both funded by SANPAD).