Peter van der Spek Prof., PhD (ErasmusMC)

I head the department of bioinformatics at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. My doctoral degree I obtained in 1995 in the field of molecular carcinogenesis by cloning cancer predisposition genes. For 6 years, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry (with Akzo-Nobel and Johnson & Johnson) and hold several international academic appointments in Japan, Australia and USA. The bioinformatics group at the Erasmus MC focuses on the support of datamining and analysis. This expertise is used for fundamental research, molecular diagnostics, molecular imaging, (forensic) molecular biology and support of clinical trials. Erasmus MC is one of the largest medical centers of the Netherlands in this respect and runs a neuroscience research program, which provides the biological and technological basis for the bioinformatics group. It concentrates on the way the genome as a whole contributes to the evolution, development, structure and function of the brain. Our departement has been the convenor of a number of pioneering international conferences on Personalized medicine, which I feel may have important implications for the development of health all over the world, both in developed and developing countries.