Roland Bal Prof., PhD (ESHPM)

Since 2006, I am professor of Health Care Governance and the chair of the HCG group at ESHPM. After graduating from Health Sciences at the University of Maastricht, where I majored in Science & Technology Studies (STS), I did my initial PhD research at the Law & Public Policy centre at Leiden University and obtained my PhD from Twente University. After spending three years at the Cultural Sciences Faculty in Maastricht, the Netherlands, I moved to Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management. My main research interest lies in the building, functioning and consequences of knowledge infrastructures for the governance of health care. I have studied such infrastructures both at internationa and national levels (e.g. the working of science advisory bodies), at sectoral leel (e.g. the use of performance indicators in health care), within organizations (e.g. planning & control cycles in hospitals) and on the shopfloor (e.g. information technologies). Currently, my main interest is in studying the information infrastructures for quality and safety in health care. Projects related to this agenda are studies on the Dutch national quality program for the longterm health sector Care for Better or the European framework sponsored Quaser study on quality management in European hospitals. With Nivel (Peter Groenewegen) and IQ Healthcare (Gert Westert) I have set up a ‘consortium for research in quality of care’.

I have specialised in qualitative, mainly ethnographic research methods and in ‘interventionist’ or ‘action’ research, trying to establish appropriate methods to examine the complex interventions in health care through ‘mixed methods’ research. My research department participates in the RGHI REI research on the effectiveness of Universal Health Coverage strategies.