Tanja A.J. Houweling Dr., PhD (Public Health)

My work focuses on generating and synthesising epidemiologic and other scientific evidence for public health policy making in low and middle income countries, in particular with regard to socio-economic inequalities in health. My research on the linkages between society and health builds on my background in the medical sciences (PhD public health, MSc epidemiology) and social sciences (MA cultural anthropology and non-western sociology, cum laude). I hold a combined position as senior research associate at the UCL Institute for Global Health and the Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC. I am Principal Investigator of an ESRC-DFID funded project on inequalities in newborn mortality in Asia and Africa. Prior to this, I was scientific leader of a £5 million project including cluster randomised trials on newborn mortality in Asia and was member of the scientific secretariat of WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health and lead author of four chapters of the Commission’s Final Report.