Wilma Stolk Dr., PhD (Public Health)

I was born in 1975, graduated in 1993 and started my Biomedical Sciences at the University Medical Centre Nijmegen. With a major in epidemiology, I graduated cum laude in 1998. In 2001, I obtained my Master of Science degree in Health Services Research at the Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences. Since 1998, I have been working at the Department of Public Health of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. This work has further fed my broad interest in public health and health care related research. It has involved the evaluation of the national cervical cancer screening. After this, I shifted my focus to the control of infectious diseases, first as a PhD student and later as postdoc. The last few years I have been very involved with the control of tropical parasitic diseases, such as lymphatic filariasis and river blindness and the broader domain of ‘neglected tropical diseases’.  Increasingly, this work also pertains to a wide range of public health questions in the field, including estimation of the burden of disease, the cost-effectiveness of possible future interventions, the impact of ongoing control programmes, etc. Although this research is quantitative in nature, we apply a wide variety research methods applied including a range of meta-analyses, statistical data-analyses, simulation modelling, scenario-analyses, and cost-effectiveness analysis. With a grant of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we are currently engaged in assessing the impact of neglected tropical diseases and the viability of focusing more interventions on them.